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To work for the advancement of Jewish and other people through training and education. To provide communities wherever they are, with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of their environment.
Kristina Kylyncharslan
Kristina Kylyncharslana cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University
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ORT in Ukraine

Ukrainian ORT affiliated branch (Charity Foundation "Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training") was registered in March 2000. In the same year, on August 8th, Robert Singer, WO Director General, and Yaroslav Yatskiv, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, signed in London a memorandum between the World ORT and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the cooperation in the field of secondary and vocational education. That was followed by the opening of ORT Technology centers in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Kharkov, Makeyevka and other cities.

Today ORT in Ukraine manages a network of 15 Training centers located in schools, colleges, community centers in 12 cities. Total number of people educatedin ORT Centers in Ukraine in 2016/2017 academic year amounts 7000 students.

ORT-Ukraine office is located in Kiev and coordinates ORT activities in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Central Asia, Baltic States and Caucasian States.