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To work for the advancement of Jewish and other people through training and education. To provide communities wherever they are, with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of their environment.
Kristina Kylyncharslan
Kristina Kylyncharslana cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University


Proclaimed by the UNESCO General Conference in 2001, the World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual event celebrated all over the world.

The purpose of the World Science Day for Peace and Development is to renew the national, as well as the international commitment to science for peace and development and to stress the responsible use of science for the benefit of society. The World Science Day for Peace and Development also aims at raising public awareness of the importance of science and to bridge the gap between science and societies.

The annual observance of the World Science Day for Peace and Development is making an important contribution to the promotion of Science.

Within the framework of the World Science Day for Peace and Development, World ORT has announced a contest “ORT STEM CUP” among the secondary educational institutions of the World ORT network.

The purpose of the contest is to increase the motivation of students to STEM education, attract their interest to engineering and technology specialties, as well as encourage the development of engineering and technical creativity of students.


The contest “ORT STEM CUP 2017" is being held in 3 categories:

1.    Mobile video contest “I am the Inventor”

2.    “The Great Space Journey” contest for primary school students:

3.    “Science Experiment” contest for secondary and high school students:

Participant of the contest should be a student of ORT network school and school-partner organizations at the time of the competition.

The winners of each category will be awarded with diplomas and prizes.

All participants (students, parents and teachers) will receive a certificate of participation.

According to the results of all three competitions Organizing Committee determines the School-winner to be awarded with the “ORT STEM CUP 2017”. The coordinator of the contest at this particular School will be awarded with the diploma "The Best Coordinator" and with the prize.

The results of the contest will be published on the website www.ort.ru , and sent as a notification letter to all the heads of educational institutions and centres within the ORT network participated.

You could also see the information about the contest at the Facebook page



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