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To work for the advancement of Jewish and other people through training and education. To provide communities wherever they are, with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of their environment.
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Kristina Kylyncharslana cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University
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Dniepropetrovsk municipal specialized school 144

Dniepropetrovsk municipal specialized school 144 with profound study of Hebrew, History of the Jewish Nation and Jewish Traditions


Dniepropetrovsk Jewish school is one from the first Jewish schools in CIS, and it has the largest number of enrolled children. Its full name is Dniepropetrovsk municipal specialized school "Or Avner Chabad Lubavitch” named after Levi Yitzchak Schneerson with profound study of Hebrew, History of the Jewish Nation and the Jewish Traditions.  It was founded in 1991 due to the support of "Or Avner - Chabad Lubavitch" Fund, headed by its President, Mr. Levy Lyevayev.The school had 216 students then. In March 1993 city authorities decided to move the Jewish school to another building; and the school moved from Paster street to Minina street (from November 2015 the name of the street changed to Menachem-Mendel Shneerson Str.), where it is situated today.

Today the school has about 430 students. Along with general curricula, students of the school study Hebrew, Jewish history,  Traditions and Culture of the Jewish people.

The school provides to its students free transportation to all parts of the city, kosher food and a variety of extracurricular activities and optional courses. School students time and again became winners of quizzes, contests and competitions, including international ones.

The school takes an active part in the life of the Jewish community. It is proud of its more than a thousand graduates. After school graduation they continued education in prestigious universities of Ukraine, Israel, Austria, Germany and the United States.


Since 2000, Information and Technological Center "ORT" operates at the school’s basis. School students have got the opportunity to learn information and computer technologies from the very primary school, to study all the subjects with computer and audiovisual support.


Today ORT Technology Center at the school is oriented at:

  • development of technology courses;
  • development of informatics and ICT courses;
  • development of training sites for general subjects;
  • support and information for teachers, e.g. introducing ICT into the classroomandschool’smanagement;
  • regular teacher training;
  • participation in the “Net School” – a joint project to build and roll out a unified information environment for the school – for teachers, students and parents;
  • participation at the All-Ukrainian experiment "Scientific and methodical bases of introduction of the national model of media education in the educational process of secondary education";
  • participation in the All-Ukrainian research-experimental project “Rozumnyky” (basis of design for elementary school pupils).


Also the ORT Technology Center has been awarded the status of a Microsoft IDEA Center.

*IDEA program creates and supports community-based Internet centers which provide residents with access to computers and free ICT training.

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