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Fil Shvarts

"Hello, my name is Fil Shvarts, I am a graduate student from Odessa ORT School #94 and I want to tell you my story. I was born and grew up in Odessa. For the last two years I’m in Israel, studying in ORT’s Anieres Elite Academy program. I believe that the chance to move to Israel was created for me thanks to Odessa ORT School 94. I studied in that school from the 3rd to 9th grade. Jewish traditions, we studied at the school, the celebration of Jewish holidays, the study of Hebrew were very important for me and my family. An important event in my life was my Bar Mitzvah, attended by my classmates, parents and teachers of the school.

Here I was surrounded with care and attention by the teachers, enthusiastic in their profession, responsive and always ready to help. Thanks to Hebrew teacher Raisa Shcherbatyuk I’ve learned the basics of the language and now perfect myself every day in Israel. Raisa Markovskaya taught me how to meet and celebrate Shabbat, Jewish holidays; we studied the history of the Jewish people and read Torah. I could not get this in any other school!

In addition, thanks to ORT, I got the opportunity to learn specialized technical subjects such as technology, programming and robotics ... Agree, that it is an unique opportunity; one cannot study such subjects in usual school. I participated in many international projects and robotics competitions. In 2014 I presented few projects at World ORT BoR in Prague. That’s why I became interested in the technical sciences, and I hope to continue my education at Israeli Institute of Technology "Technion" after graduation.                                  

While studying in 9th grade, I was offered to try myself and to be tested for a new elite training program in Israel. Dozens of students took part in the testing, but thanks to the excellent preparation and knowledge I’ve gained at ORT school, I managed; and my life has suddenly changed.

My elder brother, Peter Shvarts graduated from Odessa ORT School too, and left to Israel within the NAALE program. Now he is completing his education, and prepares to become a citizen and to serve in the Israeli army. Our parents are proud of us and confident of our future!

Now I know whom I want to be in the future and I will always remember the school, which has become my second home".

31  2016

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