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Anastasiya Korostelova

 “The first lines of code I wrote at Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum. At the same time I became interested in programing.


It all started so ... our Technology Lyceum is among the few schools in Kiev with deep study of information technology. In 10th grade we began to study a special “Programing” course. We have a great teacher, with his help I began to make progress, participated and won in contests and Olympiads, and at least I understood that I enjoyed this field.


I entered Kiev University of Aviation, faculty of Information Defense. At the last year of education at the University my friend invited me to Hackathon, the event which regularly take place worldwide. I saw there about fifty men who were steadily writing applications to smartphones on the base of OC Android. And then I decided to become mobile applications developer.


I have learned Java programming language by myself. Fortunately, there are many manuals and on-line lessons in the internet. Approximately after three months of self-study I came for my first interview to a small outsource company. I was hired as an intern and my first task was to add new functions to the application which monitors stock exchange. It was difficult but very interesting, the further tasks became more difficult. Sometimes the tasks were such difficult that I wanted to cry, but colleagues always helped me. Every time when I managed to conclude the task I felt myself on the seventh heaven! It’s hard to frame the pleasure that a programmer feels when his creation comes to life and begins to work!


Of course there are those less pleasant elements work as bug fixing, or disputes with customers over the non-reality of their claims. Or worse - support of someone else's code ...However, all these difficulties - is a constant intellectual growth and development. Choosing a career developer, you never stop learning. The world of technology is constantly changing and evolving, and you should change with it too.


Do I like my work? Yes, of course! I like it very much. Programming for me presents a perfect combination of rigorous engineering science with creativity! I am very happy that I’ve chosen this way, and I am grateful for this to my Lyceum: this is where I’ve learned that girls can also write code”.


P.S. Kosostelova Anastasiya graduated Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum and Kiev University of Aviation with the diplomas of Excellency!

26  2016

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