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Kristina Kylyncharslan

My name is Kristina Kylyncharslan, I am a graduate of ORT Educational Complex #141 in 2018, now I am a cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University.

I was always good student at school and, to tell the truth, I paid attention only to those subjects that were really interesting: web design, languages, computer science. Fortunately, I studied at school, where "cramming lessons" is not the only option! ORT provided us a lot of other opportunities in different areas: creative, technological, scientific and many others.

The teachers encouraged us to participate in projects not to receive good marks, but for the sake of experience. In senior school, I was incredibly interested (and now also) in editing, design, video and photography, so most of my school activities were related to this. I have to pay tribute - if I hadn’t been offered earlier to shoot an event at school, I would never have encountered or become interested in shooting. Thanks!

I tried to do everything I could to understand what was closest to me. But the most important thingmy school taught me was the idea, that I could become anyone, I could choose and try anything outside the school doors and I’m NOT limited in choice. So I dared to fulfill my child's dream (it seemed unreal) and become a pilot :)

The admission process was exhausting. At first, I stayed in the medical unit for three days, and then I passed tests for fitness, standards and interviews. I have passed everything, and I entered. When I thought thatthe worst was behind, I learned that there were 4 girls for 120 boys, along with me. At first, it was uncomfortable for both guys and us. But! A week later, the stupid jokes and sidelong glances stopped, and now I can say that the girls-pilots in the academy can be sad that we are in such a deficit.

I continue to shoot and photograph the activities of the university, I create advertising campaigns for the academy, I participate in Hackathons - just for myself and this in no way interferes with my studies.

About my future plans: to learn! To master the chosen profession, to develop skills, do not blunder and, of course, to miss my ORT school.

23  2019

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