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To work for the advancement of Jewish and other people through training and education. To provide communities wherever they are, with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of their environment.
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Kristina Kylyncharslana cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University
ORT in UkraineNews & MediaNewsChanukat Habayit at the new office for "Education and employment" programs graduates

Chanukat Habayit at the new office for "Education and employment" programs graduates

15  2017

More than 120 graduates of the program "Training and Employment", which has been successfully implemented with the support of ORT in Dnipro, were employed in the new office of high-tech company, one of those companies that allow Ukraine to find its place in the global world. Program graduates in different directions - developers, testers, bookkeepers  (experts in American Accounting) will work in the new office.

"Training and Employment" – is an unique joint project of Dnipro Jewish community and ORT, initiated by American businessman Yakov Livshits in 2015.
The training program is formed in accordance with modern trends in IT education and involving teachers –  practitioners in their field. Students themselves choose the courses and areas that are deemed necessary for study. Therefore, the total number of lecture hours depend on the selected by student courses.Training runs in a well-equipped ORT classroom, located in the heart of the city, at Business Center "Menorah". Through this project, studentsgotthe opportunity to be educated by the best available teachers of the city. Most program graduates got a prestigious and high-paying job.

"I am very happy to see that many young people were trained and now have a good, decent, well-paid jobs, they have perspective and confidence in the future - said the director of the Jewish community Zelig Brez - people who benefited from this program have a different nationality, a different religion, but I am very happy that Jewish community helped them find their rightful place in the life here in Ukraine, in Dnipro city. They have a solid foundation to live and participate in the development of their country, to be responsible citizens and pass it to the future generations. "

Head of ORT programs in Dnipro, Natalia Medvedeva, noted that the project "Training and employment" was successful due to the successful strategy of involving the qualified and authoritative teachers of the city. "Thanks to the feedback of the first students about the quality of our courses and the availability of modern technical facilities, ORT’s support and name, the number of students has increased ... We continued to expand the themes of the courses and cooperate with authoritative and effective teachers who, in addition to the well-known status in the city, were "tested" earlier and at the ORT Center. And the location of the ORT class in the largest cultural center "Menorah", where many Jewish organizations, including the city's IT companies, moved, attracted to us the attention of business owners."

"I am absolutely convinced that Ukraine has a huge advantage and the most important resource for the development - people - said Yakov Livshits, initiator of the" Education and employment "- now it is important to reveal their potential and help them find their place in a world of global value chain. Thanks to ORT and the Jewish community we created a "growth point" in Dnipro, and we see that there is already a great success. I am glad that I have this honor - to start this project and contribute its expansion. The new office and this expanded team - only a new phase, we will continue ... "

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