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Kristina Kylyncharslan
Kristina Kylyncharslana cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University


24  2017

April19-21, 2017 ORT Educational Complex 141 at Kyiv housed an International Internet of Things Hackathon with the support of Charitable Organization "Educational Resources and Technological Training" (ORT) and Cisco.

More than 40 participants and 8 teams from Kyiv ORT Educational Complex 141, Kyiv Lyceum "Naukova Zmina", Kyiv engineering school «Brains and Hands», Odessa ORT School 94, Dnipro Educational Complex 144, Chernivtsi ORT School 41, Zhaporozhie Gymnasium "ORT-Alef" and Technological Lyceum "ORT" named after B.Gerzl, Chisinau worked on projects on Hackathon’s task"Smart country house".

During three days, participants solved a problem, built a prototype of the Internet devices that could be helpful in country houses, counted the business component, created a video presentation about their work. To build prototype teams used sets of equipment - Raspberry Pi 3, Arduino UNO, various sensors, various materials and tools. 16 mentors coordinated the work of the participants, conducted expert assessment of the project and provided consultation of students.

During three days there was interesting and hot at Kyiv ORT Educational Complex, three days of tension, debates, hard work, teamwork, three days grand prize waited a winning team ...

The work of studentswas refereed by: Olexiy Besarab, CTO of Cisco Ukraine, Lyudmyla Finkelshtein, Executive Director of Charity Organization "Educational Resources and Technological Training" (ORT), Vyacheslav Boretskyi, Deputy Dean of Science Faculty of Radio Physics, Electronics and Computer Systems of Kiev National University named after T.Shevchenko, Olga Korshunova, Methodist of STEM-Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Svetlana Bovkun, producer Kyiv Maker Faire and Oles Malyarevich, deputy of Kyiv City Council.

It was too difficult to determine, because all the participants demonstrated excellent teamwork and important and modern business ideas ...

Awards and gifts to the young inventors, programmers, designers and marketers were handed by  Edwin Glazenberg (World ORT). The first prize – quadrocopter – was awarded to the team of Chisinau ORT Technological Lyceum named after B.Gerzl for their business project on creation a smart greenhouse; second prize – oscilloscope – received junior team of Kyiv ORT Educational Complex 141 for a presentation of smart floor mat; and a toolkit for third place was awarded, again, to the senior students of Kyiv ORT Educational Complex 141 and their "smart wardrobe".

We congratulate all the participants for interesting ideas and presentations and wish them success and new discoveries! This event has shown that ORT students are able to create engineering inventions and they have much to offer to a business.

Tatiana Melnichuk, Informatics teacher and Julia Kazakova, 11th grade student at Kyiv ORT Educational Complex 141, developed design of banners and other printed materials for the Hackathon.

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