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ORT in UkraineNews & MediaNewsCongratulations to Mr. Sergey Dziuba on winning World ORT Excellence Award 2016!

Congratulations to Mr. Sergey Dziuba on winning World ORT Excellence Award 2016!

22  2017

SergeyDziuba, a teacher of Information Technology of "ORT" Educational Complex 141 from Kyiv, won an international prize World ORT Excellence Award in the category "Teaching technology, computer science and ICT"

It happened so that in 2000 I came to work to the ORT school. It was the first school where I started. And today I know that I cannot work in any other school. Many ideas were born and realized here. I am proud that I was able to contribute to the development of our school, and that World ORT appreciated my contribution by awarding me with this prize.


I got a specialty chemical engineer-technologist, working in parallel asnetworksexpert. So I became acquainted with the world of information technology. At the first year of receiving a diploma I came to work to the ORT school. Perhaps the first choice of profession was correct, but the emphasis in teaching the subject has shifted in time. The world of information technologies and engineering graspedme and I wanted to share it with those who are just beginning to get acquainted with it. These appeared to be children.

A lot of teaching methodsare elaboratedin the ORT schools’ network, highly professional materials  are created, talented teachers work. Access to all of this allows conducting educational process quality. Methodical seminars, contests, and competitions increase the interest in learning of both students and teachers.

Of great importance is also the availability of quality material base, which could be used in teaching not only the subjects of information technology cycle, but many others such as biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics.

In our school one educational experiment is replaced by another, new methods and forms of education areintroduced, teachers have the opportunity to realize their creative ideas. This incentives students to study and comprehend the new. Afterthe transition of the Ukrainian schools to the 12th -year education system, the issue of pre profile, specialized and vocational training at a school will raise very serious. In my opinion, ORT schools’network may turn among the leaders to be able to create and implement such a system of education.

In summer 2016 I passedthrough a competitive selection to The CS50 Educator Scholarship from Microsoft to study at Harvard Extension School;  in December I finished the first part of the course “Introduction to Computer Science /David.J.Malan/”, now I am passing the second part of the course. I also passed the selection within the Cisco Global Cybersecurity Scholarship program and I am looking for two courses on cyber security in summer. Both of these programs will be integrated into our school educational process.

I enjoy themoments when our students come to us and say that our school has taught them to learn, gave the important knowledge and skills for life, helped them to study and further become successful people.

Therefore, it is important not to stop the development of the school; so we could keep up with the times, sometimes even ahead. Then our education will be one of the best.

And the words "ORT Alumni" will always sound very cool!

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