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ORT in UkraineNews & MediaNewsOur congratulations to Mrs. Greta Freilikhman on the receiving Beatrice Wand-Polak Award 2016!

Our congratulations to Mrs. Greta Freilikhman on the receiving Beatrice Wand-Polak Award 2016!

21  2017

Mrs. Greta Freilikhman – Informatics teacher at Chernivtsi specialized school “ORT” 41 - received the International prize -Beatrice Wand-Polak Award 2016!

Greta dreamed to become a teacher from her childhood. She enjoys keeping pace with the times, learning about new things, acquainting with new programs and new technologies;because she teaches science and technology that aredynamic developing, constantly changing and moving forward disciplines.

Mrs. Freilikhman is a teacher of computer science for 15 years. At the beginning of her carrier the main difficulties in her work was a criticalshortage of modern computer technics. She had to adapt the curricula on computer science to the capabilities of that computer technics.

When Chernovtsy Jewish school 41 became a part of World ORT network, Mrs. Freilikhman got a wonderful working station and modern computers to work with children. This enabled herto introduce new technologies and methods of workinto the educational process, participate in ORT seminars, get acquainted with the latest trends in technological profile.

Problems are existing now, of course…there are too large classes (38-40 children in each), not enough working stations; there is lack of textbooks that meet the new programthrough the frequent updates of the software on computer science. Nevertheless, thanks to the professionalism of Mrs. Freilikhman these problems do not affect the quality of knowledge of her students. She skillfully distributes theoretical and practical part of the lesson, using online tutorials, online courses, and her author’svideo tutorials.

"Receiving of this prize is a huge honor for me and a reason to be better, a reason to deal more with my self-education, acquire with the new techniques and technologies in order to motivate my students to study computer science and information technology, to make them successful in their future profession” says Mrs. Freilikhman “I, personally, and my students will continue to participate in all ORT projects. Children demonstrate huge interest to such projects as Chibur and animation contest. I think this is a great success that I am a computer science teacher at Chernivtsi ORT school number 41, and one of the representatives of the ORT network in Ukraine. Thank you very much!"

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