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ORT in UkraineNews & MediaNewsOur congratulations to Lyudvyha Tsurkan on receiving a honorary title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine"

Our congratulations to Lyudvyha Tsurkan on receiving a honorary title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine"

17  2017

For personal contribution to the development of national education, training skilled professionals, many years of fruitful teaching activity and professionalism Mrs. Lyudvyha Tsurkan – Director of Chernivtsi ORT specialized school 41 with profound study of Jewish ethno-cultural component was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine" by the Decree of the President of Ukraine 427/2016.

Assigned award is a nation-wide recognition of the results of many years of hard work, merit and achievements.

"It's a huge honor, recognition of my work as head of school, my understanding of the concept of development and functioning of this institution. In addition, this award is assigned also to the staff, pupils, teachers and parents", - shared Mrs. Tsurkan.

Lyudvyha has headed Chernivtsi Jewish school 41 from 2006. She is awarded the title of "Teacher of the highest category," "teacher-methodologist", "Excellence in Education of Ukraine", Honored Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

During the period of her management school has risen to a new stage, a stable positive image of the school among national educational institutions was formed; a number of people willing to study in it significantly increased, the school became a permanent platform for innovative seminars and workshops, competitions in computer science, information technology, Hebrew.

In 2010, Chernivtsi School 41 joined the ORT school’s network. Mrs. Tsurkan consider she owes her success to this fact: "ORT helped me to see new trends in education. Seminars I attended, were perfectly professional, I taught there how to draft and implement the projects. Experience of other schools and centerswas also very useful. I am impressed and very much helped by the fact that ORT unobtrusively demonstrates how advanced opportunities could be used by any educational institution."

As the result of activity in the various areas and students’ training Chernivtsi ORT school #41 ranks 1st in the group of the city schools since 2006. In 2010, the school won the All-Ukrainian public campaign "Leader of education of Ukraine";  in 2011 - "Leader of XXI century education." In the 2012-2013 academic year, the school took part in a pilot project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the EU “Smart Education”.In 2013 school won the All-Ukrainian competition "Learning of the highest standard" as a part of the «Pt - advanced technology training" project. In 2014 Chernivtsi ORT school # 41 was awarded a gold medal at the V International exhibition "Modern educational establishments".


We wish Mrs.Lyudvyha Tsurkan  and Chernivtsi school’s team further professional growth, inspiration and new achievements in the educational space!

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