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Kristina Kylyncharslan
Kristina Kylyncharslana cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University
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The All-Ukrainian Competition Robotraffic-2020

10  2020

Firstly these competitions were held in 2010 at the Technion University at the Leumi Robotics Center (Israel). Competition was supported by the State Scientific Establishment "Institute for the Modernization of the Content of Education", Charitable Organization "Educational Resources and Technological Training", ORT Educational Complex 141 in Kyiv, STEM Center "Socrat" that operates on the basis of ORT Educational Complex 141. The goal of the competitions is to promote the development of innovative directions of STEM education, to promote scientific and technical creativity, robotics, electronics, and to form life skills of road safety in students.

This year's Robotraffic was attended by 16 teams senior league (students of 14-18 years old) and 13 teams junior league (students of 10-14 years old) from all over Ukraine with 3 participants in each team. Teams have been pre-selected at the regional stages of the competition. The competition consisted of 5 stages:

  • Movement of the model of a car on a city highway with observance of traffic rules,
  • Driving at maximum speed on the race track,
  • Competition of engineering proposals for improving traffic safety,
  • Road traffic test,
  • Creation of three-dimensional car units in engineering design systems (CAD / CAN-system).

ompetent juryconsisted not only from the specialists in their fields but also from senior school students:

- Engineers from AUTODESK Company  Mukhin Dmitry and Lopatin Edward;

- President of the Association of Motor Sports of Ukraine Kachur Victor;

- Representative from the "Institute for the Modernization of the Content of Education" - Vasilashko Irina;

- Senior police lieutenants Mikhayev Maxim and Mykola Polyukhovych;

- Yuri Kononenko, Head of the Main Department of Preschool and General Secondary Education;

- ORT representatives -  Ludmila Filkenstein and Suzanna Khachatryan;


Congratulations to the winners of "Robotraffic - 2020":

Junior League:

1. Kiev ORT Educational Complex 141 – team "Steam genius",

2. Kiev ORT Educational Complex 141 – team "NOOSPHERE",

3. Obukhov City Center for Creativity - «StarLabs».

Junior League ADVANCED:

1.       Odessa ORT-Zhabotinski School #94 – team “Sintaksis”,

2.       Sumy Regional Gymnasium for the Talented and Creatively Gifted People - «Adelante”,

3.       Sumy -  Robocode School.

Senior League:

1. Chernivtsi Regional Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth “Cheremosh”,

2. Glukhiv City Center for Children and Youth Creativity "SMART COICE",

3. Odessa ORT-Zhabotinski School #94 – “Funny Cyborgs”.

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