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To work for the advancement of Jewish and other people through training and education. To provide communities wherever they are, with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the complexities and uncertainties of their environment.
Kristina Kylyncharslan
Kristina Kylyncharslana cadet of the Flight Academy of the National Aviation University
ORT in UkraineNews & MediaNewsORT opens the 2nd educational institution in Dneprovskiy district in Kyiv

ORT opens the 2nd educational institution in Dneprovskiy district in Kyiv

24  2017

On October 20, 2017, the renovated educational complex "Simha” with in-depth study of foreign languages (preschool educational institution - specialized school of the I degree) was opened after the capital repairs.

Implementation of such a powerful educational project became possible thanks to the agreement on cooperation in the field of education between the Dniprovskiy district in Kyiv city state administration and the charitable organization World ORT (World ORT), which for more than 130 years supports the development of technological education in many countries of the world.

In the nearest future, 320 lucky students will start their studies in a new kindergarten and I grade school.

Now new facilities opened for Simha students:

·         new playgrounds for each group of kindergarten with sheds (belvederes) and special coatings;

·         sports ground for playing sports: basketball, volleyball;

·         modern assembly hall with the up-to-date music equipment.


Hence, students of Simha  received an exceptional opportunity to study computer science at an in-depth level in two new computer Labs and to study technology using the modern training sets LEGO. Even children from kindergarten will master technology on the program Lego Creativity starting from the younger nursery group.

Thanks to the use of new equipment, there will be new opportunities for learning the Hebrew language and the traditions and culture of Israel, which are provided by the curriculum of the school.

The youngest students will enjoy the large number of modern toys, games for the development of logic and motor skills, modern sports equipment, playing corners for role-playing games, equipped in each group.

 In the educational complex there are modern game rooms and bedrooms, a medical room, a psychologist's office, a speech therapist, a sports hall, two food units with modern technological equipment.

The opening ceremony was attended by a large number of guests, includingWorld ORT Delegation, Head of Dniprovsky district state administration in Kiev -P.Onofriychuk, Deputy Head of Dniprovskiy district state administration in Kiev - A.Zagorodnya, Director of  Israeli Cultural Center in Kyiv - Olga Polischuk, deputies of Kyiv City Council, etc.

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